Piece of Cake – MVP Training

Piece of Cake

Tier 3 -- Small
Back Muscle

Piece of Cake

This is a bodyweight session with a wide variety of exercises, many of which are pull-up variants. There are 11 exercises in the main workout ranging from 6-12 repetitions. Definitely one for those who love pull ups!

There is a short abs/core finisher that includes a small amount of running to act as a cooldown.

Difficulty: Tier 3

Goal: Completion (Minimal Rest)



(No additional Rest)


(Additional Rest)

Part Completion


  • Strength
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Technical


4 Sets Of: 

  • 3 Min rest between cycle
  • 45 Sec rest between exercises

10Wide Grip Pull Ups
10Pike Press Ups
6Wide Grip (behind neck) Pull Ups
8Hindu Press Ups
6Close Grip (behind neck) Pull Ups
6Shoulder Width (behind neck) Pull Ups
10Front Bar Dips
6Ice Cream Makers
10Inverted Rows
12Hanging Oblique Raises


To be completed after the main session as an extra.

3 Sets of:

10 Dip Bar Knee Raises
10 Crunches
10 Oblique Crunches/Side
600M Run @ 70%