Feel the Burn – MVP Training

Feel the Burn

Tier 3 -- Small
Push up

Feel the Burn!

This is a bodyweight chest focused workout with a few push up variants. You’ll feel the burn fairly early on but push through to completion, taking as little rest between exercises as you can.

There is an arm-focused finisher that can be scaled appropriately depending on how much you’ve pushed yourself during this workout.

Difficulty: Tier 3

Goal: Completion (Minimal Rest)



(No additional Rest)


(Additional Rest)

Part Completion


  • Strength
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Technical


3 Sets Of: 

  • 3 Min rest between cycle
  • 30 Sec  rest between exercises

20Press Ups
20Pseudo Press Ups
30 SecPress Up Hold
15Clap Press Ups
20Decline Press Ups
20Diamond Press Ups
50Incline Press Ups


To be completed after the main session as an extra to finish off the arms.

3 Sets of:

6 Negative Chin Ups
8 Pull Ups
10 L-Sit Pull Ups
12 Dips on Straight Bar
14 Bicep Headbangers

  • No rest between exercises
  • 90 Seconds Rest after each Set