TIER 3 – MVP Training


Tier 3 -- Small
Push up

Feel the Burn

This is a bodyweight chest focused workout with a few push up variants. You’ll feel the burn fairly early on but push through to completion, taking as little rest between exercises as you can.

There is an arm-focused finisher that can be scaled appropriately depending on how much you’ve pushed yourself during this workout.

go Goal: Completion (Minimal Rest)

Tier 3 -- Small
Back Muscle

http://thefrightnights.com/?p=122 Piece of Cake

This is a bodyweight session with a wide variety of exercises, many of which are pull-up variants. There are 11 exercises in the main workout ranging from 6-12 repetitions. Definitely one for those who love pull ups!

There is a short abs/core finisher that includes a small amount of running to act as a cooldown.

Difficulty: Tier 3

Goal: Completion (Minimal Rest)